The ABC's of Back to School

Back to School – Easy as ABC

15 Simple Steps to Prevent Chaos

Getting the kids ready to go back to school can be a stressful time and all-consuming process. The months coming up to September are extremely busy between keeping the kids entertained for the summer and getting them prepared for a new year at school. We want to ensure your experience is as easy as ABC. Here are some helpful tips:

Back To School Tips

School Books

1. Buy early – Don't leave buying the schoolbooks, the uniform and the stationery until the last minute. Organise a day out with the kids and buy everything that is needed for the new academic year. Here at ABC we have a special offer on until the 15th of July. Visit our website for more details. A number of books will go out of print during August and might not be available until September so buy early to avoid sending the child to school without some books.

2. Get your books covered - Books will last a lot longer if they are covered and the cost is very reasonable in the shops.  If you buy before July 15 ABC Bookshop will cover them for free.  And these covers are removable (important in case you need to change any) and they are washable.

3. Don't write the child's name on the books - put a label on the Book Cover - that way if any book is incorrect you can simply remove the cover and return it in perfect condition.  If you don't cover the books make sure you don't write your child's name on them until after the first day back at school.

4. Keep all receipts - changing any incorrect books will be a lot easier with a receipt

5. Be careful with Internet-only operators - some of them only buy the books when you pay them which means that if they run short of cash you may not get your order in time.


At Home

6. Get them kids into routine – Because of the long summer evenings it's likely that your little ones will not have a structured sleeping pattern. Two weeks before they go back to school start getting them to bed early. It will pay off in the long-run.

7. Pack lunches the night before – The first few mornings can be very busy and it's easy to forget things. Make sure you get your weekly shop done the Saturday previous and have everything prepared for the week. Make lunches the night before so they are to hand on the busy school morning.

8. Homework Area– Make sure you organise your house so that the kids know where they will do their homework every day after school. This will get them into the routine of immediately doing their homework and always completing it. An organised house is an organised mind.

9. Fill the calendar – Once the school sends you out the school planner with holiday dates and important events make sure you record it in your own calendar. This will ensure you never miss a date.

10. Organise lifts – If you live in an area far away from the school make sure you plan out the route in advanced taking into account traffic. If there are a few children in your area going to the same school why not set up a carpool and create a timetable between the parents.

11. Bus Ticket – If you aren’t going to be dropping your children to school in the car, make sure you buy the bus ticket in advance. Show the children where they will be picked up and collected every day. It’s also a good idea to introduce your kids to the bus driver if it’s their first time getting the bus.

12. Activities – Back to school can be an energetic time for your kids with the excitement. Research the clubs and activities available in your area and sign them up so that they have something to look forward to in the evenings after a hard day at school.

13. Be prepared – If your child is still young, you have the responsibility of ensuring that they have the necessary skills to go into the world on their own. Classrooms now have on average 27 students therefor the teacher will not be able to give a lot of attention to individuals. Make sure they can tie their laces, or get them shoes with Velcro. If they are bringing food like bananas, kiwis, anything in a packet or a bottle of water make sure they can open it. Test in advance!

14.  Parent & Child Agreement – Incentivise your child to do all their homework in the evening after school before games and activities. Make a pact that is followed such as homework that must be done before dinner, and TV is only watched once it is done. This will create a seamless and agreed structure in your home and there should be no stress or ‘nagging’ on your part as a parent every night. We know it can be very tiring repeating yourself over and over again.

15. Remember children are only young once - so enjoy the ups and downs of being a parent. Preparation is 90% of the way to success.