Long Summer Days - Low Cost Ways

The ABC Bookshop Guide to Summer Fun with the Kids

Are you looking for low cost ways to have fun with your children this summer?  We have done some research and even tested it on our kids to compile the ABC Bookshop 10 Low Cost Ways to spend the summer.

Take a look at this list with your kids and why not create a Summer Bucket List together? Even better share your pics with us on our Facebook Page.

 1.    Sand Between Your Toes

We may not live in the Costa del Sol but nothing beats the feeling of sand between your toes. We are totally blessed in Ireland to live along some of the world’s greatest beaches, coastlines, cliff faces and promenades. When the sun comes out, take advantage. Clock off work one-hour early, savour the rare opportunity of hot sand and cool water. If the sun is a distant memory, still roll up those trousers and dip your feet in the salt water. If you are lucky enough to live on the West Coast of Ireland like us, you will not be very far away from one of the many iconic points along the Wild Atlantic Way. Be a staycation tourist this year and tick off a number of points along the famous route from Donegal to Cork.

2.    Glamping

Glam up a camping trip and go glamping! Glamping is the new way of enjoying camping with all the comforts of home. We love the new ‘Podumna Village’ located in Portumna in Co. Galway. It’s very cool. But if you want to keep the costs low then why not create your own glamping experience? Pimp your tent and add some luxuries to the camping trip or even an overnight in your back garden. Camping memories last a lifetime.


 3.    The Great Family Bake-Off

In our house we love to get up to our elbows in flour and margarine. And the memories we create are priceless. For those wet Wednesday’s why not set up the Great Family Bake-Off in the kitchen. Give everyone a bun to ice, a cake to bake or a cookie character to create. We love these ‘bake me’ tutorials from The Kitchn – easy to follow and fun recipes.

4.    Book Club

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” Why not set up your own dreams this summer and set up your own Book Club with the kids? It’s a very simple idea. Everyone chooses a book to read over a week or a number of weeks. Choose one hour in one week to sit down and share your stories from your story, your favourite character and remember why books and reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are.  We have even set up our own book club to help you collect a library of your favourite books.


5.    Hunting for Treasure

Set up a small treasure hunt in the park or your back garden or even indoors around your house. Leave little post-its around the place that will give your kids some clues to find the treasure. Here are 32 ideas to create your own treasure hunt from Hands On As We Grow.


6.    Picnic Party

Why is it that eating outdoors is so much more fun? It must be the fresh air, the smell of summer or just the simplicity of enjoying food and family in the great outdoors. We love these picnic ideas on Pinterest. These fun ideas will get you planning your next picnic. 


7.    Zoo Me

When is the last time you visited the Zoo. You can have lots of family fun at Dublin Zoo while creating memories to last a lifetime. Dublin Zoo in the Phoenix Park is one of the top three family attractions in Ireland and one of the very best places for a family day out, combining fun with some learning about the world we live in. Kids of all ages will love the huge range of animals on view – from the City Farm to the African Plains. For over 170 years children from all over Ireland but especially Dublin have been enjoying a day at the Zoo.


8.         Get Cultured

There are lots of exhibitions and museums around the country that are very low cost to attend or even free. Limerick is celebrating being Ireland’s very first National City of Culture and they have an extensive range of free activities and sighs to visit.  Their motto is “Limerick, you have to be there.” So why not plan a trip and experience Ireland’s first national city of culture. Here's what's happening.


9.         Everyone Loves Drama     

Turn your children’s favourite book into a short play you can put together at home. Dress them up and make them a little script so they can act out scenes together. Stuck for ideas? Here’s some we found on Kidsinco.com.


10. Tayto Park Fun

Tayto Park is Ireland’s newest family fun park located in Co. Meath. It is open seven days a week during the summer months. Children under 3 go FREE. Tickets for adults and children aged 3-16 are priced €13 but there are also family package prices available. Students and OAP’s get in for €11. Watch their video and if that’s filling you with feelings of fun then why not find out more.


Happy planning! Have a great summer and remember, time spent with family is time well spent.