Going to College - Top Tips

Equip Yourself For Your First Year In College

Congratulations on surviving the Leaving Cert and getting yourself a place in college. It can be a daunting experience but don’t worry ABC Bookshop is here to guide you through the difficult transition. So here's our top tips!

Equip Yourself For College

Registration & Commencing College: Follow all instructions on the literature that arrives from your college. Check dates, times and locations very carefully. Ensure you bring all the relevant documentation with you or have it to hand if you are registering online. You may need passport, birth cert, driver license etc. Pick your modules carefully. Make sure you get your timetable and take time before your classes start to find the rooms. College campus’ can be very big and it’s easy to get lost. You definitely don’t want to be late to your first lecture. Take advantage of a campus tour.

Books & Accessories: Once you know what books you need, you need to visit the campus bookstore to buy your books.  They are sure to have student offers on accessories and computer and tablet devices so do your research.

Accommodation: Move into your new home a few days before college orientation begins. Get settled and have everything unpacked. Get to know your new roommates and spend time with them. If you are living at home, prepare your room and your family for this new chapter of your life.

Budget: Stay on top of your finances and seek financial aid if you need it. It is important to create a weekly budget. This will guide you through the week and ensure you aren’t left without anything. Make sure you're sticking with your budget throughout the semester and that you always know the status of your bank account. Work out weekly allowances – for food, travel, clothes, accommodation and emergencies – to keep figures small and manageable.

Eat Well: Many students going to college are put under the pressure for the first time to learn how to cook. It can be expensive and very unhealthy to depend solely on takeaways and ready-made meals. An unhealthy diet also reduces concentration levels and makes you feel sluggish. Ask your parents to spend some time with you teaching you the basics. Plan your meals for the week, which require minimal preparation and/or equipment yet are healthy and cheap. You can buy student cookbooks to give you guidance and inspiration or check online.

Find Friends: And we don’t just mean on Facebook! Use the first couple of weeks, especially your orientation week to meet lots of other students. Socialising is an important part of university life. Joining a society is a great way to network with students from other courses. During orientation many of the events aimed at first-year students aren’t very exciting. Tours of the library and silly-sounding mixers may not be your thing. But they connect you to the campus, help you meet people, and prepare you for academic success.

Go to Class: College is an amazing experience, but you can't stay if you fail your modules. Missing class is one of the worst things you can do. You’re there to graduate with a Degree, Diploma or Certificate, but that won’t be possible if you don’t attend your lectures. Wake up in the morning with enough time to get ready and eat some breakfast. The easiest way to ensure you wake up in the morning is going to bed at a decent hour the night before. It’s probably best to save the partying for the weekends. You don’t want to be the one who is constantly nagging people for their class notes because you were never there to fill them in. Also, ask your lecturer for help in the subjects you don’t understand. With few exceptions, lecturers are there to help you learn, so if something isn’t making sense to you, take advantage of your educational opportunity and ask the lecturer to explain it further.

Remember your college years are among the best in your life. So enjoy them and not only will you develop your own self you will also develop your intellect. Welcome to student life!