15 Reasons Why People Still Read Books in the Digital Age

15 Reasons Why People Still Read Books in the Digital Age

We are living in the Digital Age and times are changing quickly. With the touch of a button you have many tools at your disposal, one including reading a book. More and more people own electronic readers, but some still prefer holding a physical book in their hand. We have found the 15 reasons why people still choose to read books.


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1. The experience - There's just something about picking up a book and turning pages that seems so right especially with a cup tea on a rainy day to transport you into another world.

2. The feeling of a book in your hand – Holding a book and feeling the pages makes it easier to delve into a different time or place. Unconsciously with every turn of the page you become more engrossed and capture by the words.

3. The smell – It’s weird but true, the smell of a new book or an old book gives so much satisfaction to the individual.

4. The achievement - You don’t enjoy a similar sense of achievement after you finish reading a “huge” ebook. Holding a 500 page book in your hand which you just finished reading in a week is a great accomplishment

5. Sentimental value – When you purchase an eBook it doesn’t feel like you bought anything or own an object. However your bank account feels it! Buying a book gives you a sense of contentment it is yours.

6. Owning an object - Many people are collectors of books. Having thousands of books on your eReader doesn’t have the same impact. Walking into your reading room or looking at you bookshelf makes you remember the stories. The books have more value in your life.

7. No recharging - Books are great because you don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

8. Retain less information – Studies have shown that reading any content on screen is retained less by the brain. Nobody wants to read a great book then a week later forget who the characters were and what they did.

9. No eye straining – Reading an eBooks for too long can hurt your eyes.

10. Book Shopping – Books are wonderful because the process of buying a book is exciting. It gives you a reason to take a walk into ABC Bookshop and reading thousands of blurbs.

11. Perishability - You can drop a book or get it wet while on holidays by the pool and you will still be able to read it. If your E-reader gets wet or damaged you've lost access to all of your books.

12. Value - It doesn't really matter if a book is lost or stolen and it isn't a very attractive item for a thief. However, you need to be very careful where you leave your E-reader as you will lose access to all of your books if it is lost or stolen.

13. Concentration - Over the past 3 years, sales of physical books to children have actually increased as parents are noticing that when a child has their book on a Tablet they read much less and spend more time playing games, streaming TV/Movies or catching up with social media.

14. Sharing - One of the great joys of reading a good book is to share it with a friend. This is extremely difficult to do with an E-book.

15. Price - The simple fact is that most E-books are just as expensive as their physical counterparts. When you factor in the cost of the E-reader, it can end up costing more.